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Top 20 Most Useful Websites In 2021

Top 20 most useful websites in 2020

Hello friends! Welcome to Technobsess. In this post you will read  about Top 20 Most Useful Websites in 2021. We will tell you about Top 20 Most Useful Websites in 2020 in very easily language. We hope that you will like our post and will also share it with your friends.

(Top 20 Most Useful Websites in 2020)

Although there are thousands of millions of websites on the Internet, it is difficult to find out which of them are the best websites from which you can learn something, we have brought you a list of such best websites with which you can read and do something new. So lets begin:

This site provides you latest information related to technology, movies, blogging, app tricks and much more. We aim to make you fully efficient in technology terms. Our content is in easy language so that users can understand it easily.

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2. Transportguru

Transportguru is a very useful website, it is the best of those people who travel more. With the help of this websites you can check how much it will cost to go somewhere and how much Patrol / Diesel will cost and even this You can know how much toll tax will have to be paid.

With the help of this website, you can calculate all the expenses between the places where you want to go. Transportguru website personaly I liked it very much and it is very useful and I hope you must have felt good and you must use it once.

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3. Chrome Remote Desktop

This website is a very good and very interesting also, which has been developed by Google, with the help of this, you can remotely access your computer or laptop from your Android Phone, which is very interesting.

There is no worry about its security as it has been made by Google, to use it, you will have to download its extension in your computer or laptop, as well as download its application in your Android Phone, which is also You will find it on the Google Play Store.

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This tool is a very powerful tool because it can color any of your Black and White Photos in a way that it will do in any color, this tool colors according to that Black and White Photos which color that If you have any old photos in your house that are in black and white, you can change the color in the photo with the help of this tool. Upload it and your photo will be in color.

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5. 7-min

In this website, you can get information about Health and Fitness. If you want to stay fit and healthy then this site is best for you.

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8. Grammarly

Grammarly is used to correct your grammar mistakes in any document. This website is the best for Grammer Improvement. It also has an extention. You can install its extention for your browser from chrome web store.

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9. Kiddle

It is a search engine created by Google for children. Only the results related to children are included in this. They are completely safe for children, as it is made by Google and it is specially created for children only.

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10.  Quora

Quora is a very good website to ask questions and to answer questions of others. You can ask questions of any category here. And you will find the answer here. Apart from this, you can also answer questions here.

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11.  Every Time Zone

On this site you can see Timing of any country in the world. You know what time is happening. It makes your travelling experience better.

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12. TwoFoods

People who care a lot for their eating habits, like when they have to take, how many calories, from this food, how much protein and calories they will get, this website says it all. So for those who take great care of their food, it can be a very useful websites. Along with this it also compares Two Foods and also tells their calories, nutrients.

13. Pixabay

This website is very good for people who are bloggers and youtubers. Other people can also use this website. You can easily download pictures with free common license from this site. So, there is no chance of copyright issues to occur.

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If you run a website or blog, to increase its speed, you can reduce the size and dimensions of your images with the help of this website.

15. Duoloingo

The most important website or application for learning any popular second language in the world. With the help of Duoloingo, you can easily learn any language like English, Chinese, French, Russian, Hindi. (Duoloingo app download for pc).

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This website rovides you with information about technology in easy language. Moreover, it has other sections for spicy topics also.

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17. Pdfescape

You can edit any PDF file. You can also convert a scan document into a PDF file.


This website tracks all the information about train status. It has its application also. You can track your train journey very easily.

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19. Bouncing emoji

This website will help you as a stress burster. You can bounce the emojis here and it will make you feel happy. You can also use it for passing your leisure time.

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With this amazing website, you can easily remove background of any image. Then you can use that for editing other images and can create a masterpiece.

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Bonus: offers you so many best deals right to purchase from amazon. Basically they search the best deals available for various products from Amazon and bring them for you.


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