Best Free Apps To Learn English Online In 2021

Best Free Apps To Learn English Online In 2021

As you know now every work is possible in your comfort zone through your phone. You can do anything and everything online. Today, at Technobsess we will tell you about Best Free Apps To Learn English Online In 2021.

Learning English is gaining popularity today. It has almost become an international language of communication. Also, in India you can beat the competition only when you have knowledge of English language.

How To Earn Language

Any language learning process involves the following:

  1. Learning grammar
  2. Learning vocabulary
  3. Learning to speak
  4. Learning to read
  5. Learning to write
  6. Learning to understand that language

 Here, we will tell you about the apps to increase your knowledge of vocabulary and best websites to learn English grammar. These apps will also help you in improving your LSRW skills, i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing.

Whenever it comes to the apps, they are quick and easy to access as well as fun to use. There are many applications available online that you can use to learn English but all of them are not reliable enough.

You should trust the applications very carefully. Also you must look up the following before using any app:

  1. Easy interface
  2. Appropriate value
  3. Speed
  4. Fun involved

Above mentioned are the basics that you must look up in any application that you download. Here we have made your work somewhat easier. We have researched about various applications and then brought the following best among them for you.

Best Apps to Learn English online

Best Apps to Learn English online

1.    1.  Duolingo

You must have heard about it before. Duolingo is one of the best all-rounder apps for language learning. One of the reason for its popularity is that of Leaderboard challenge.  Here you compete with other real players.

 It feels just like a game where you are collecting coins and in the meanwhile you  are collecting new grammatical structures. It makes your learning process fun and addictive.

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2.     2.  6000 Words- Best for vocabulary

This app is created by FunEasyLearn and it helps you learn new words with text and pictures. It includes various themes and sub-themes. So the vocabulary you learn here is quite advanced.

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3.     3.   Hello English

If you already have some knowledge of basic English then this app is made for you. Hello English provides an intermediate level of learning English to the learners. Chat with English speakers around the world via text, voice chat etc. Also you can do so through drawings.

It supports learners with 23 languages and lets you play games as well.

4.    4.  The British Council

This app is great to help you with grammar learning. The British council app provides lessons and games on a ton of topics. Beginning with beginner level questions, imperatives, gerunds  all way up to advanced level grammar.

Once you finish a topic then you can click ‘test’ to check your progress and see how much you have learnt. This feature is really awesome.

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5.   5.   Beelingu

The Beelingu is best for practicing reading. It is designed to tell the stories in two different languages side by side. The Kaaraoke-text style will aid you listen and read along at the same time.

There is lot of interesting content to choose from. This has really made reading process really interesting.

6.    6.  Grammarly

The Grammarly app is best for reading. It will help you improve your writing skills a lot. Along with checking of your mistakes it also provides for the explanation of your mistakes, which help you retain it in memory for long.

Download the keyboard on your phone and keep a check on your language where ever you go.

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Final words

For learning any language you must have a desire for it. Then only you would be able to learn it. These apps will assist you in your learning journey.

Hopefully you might have decided till now which app you would download among the above Best Free Apps To Learn English Online In 2021. Choose according to your area of interest.

You can ask any queries in comment section.



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